Case Studies

NJ Emission test report showing low particulates resulting from the use of a Nanoparticle Fuel Catalyst. The engine in this 40 foot Prevost Motor coach is a 475 hp Detroit Diesel 8v92 turbo. The particulates were 30.9% of the maximum allowable limit. Typically, particulate emissions for this engine would 2 to 3 times greater than the values measured. Smoke observed in rear view mirror during acceleration appears to be reduced by one half to two thirds of the pre-additive amount. The catalyst used in this test was formulation number T5010. Dosing: 16 oz to 250 gallons fuel. Catalyst concentration: 1.0 PPB

Case Study #1 - Beverage delivery truck. This study shows improvement in MPG after adding a catalytic fuel additive. Additive concentration: 1.1 PPB

Lab Report - Test results for several concentrations of nanoparticle catalyst are determined under controlled laboratory conditions.

Mileage Report Form - Research participants should use this form to report mileage and fuel usage for case studies. Here are the instructions for the mileage report form.